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Immigration Bail Bonds Explained.

It is possible for a loved one to be arrested and detained by immigration and customs enforcements. The most logical thing to do will be to figure out how to have your loved ones freed, you will need immigration bail bonds. The point is to have them free until they can be presented in court. If you can’t get a hold of the immigration bail bond , you will have to stay in custody until the day you are supposed to appear in court. To get a detained immigrant out of custody, you will have to adhere strictly to set procedures. There are two types of bail bonds for the detained immigrants . The alien has an option of delivery bonds or voluntary debenture bonds.

The two bonds are for those illegal immigrants that are considered as being a threat to national security. The first type, delivery bond, is one that a judge or an agent of the customs department will offer to the alien. The alien will normally have a standing order that requires them to be in court within a very short time. With delivery bail bonds the alien in custody will be allowed to spend some time with family and to look for counsel that will represent them in a court. If a family member has agreed to fund the bail bond through a bonds man, they will be responsible for ensuring that the alien will be present on all court summons that will take place in court once the alien has been released from the custody of the customs and immigration department.

This bail bond is a bit different , here the alien will be set free with the following conditions to be met, they have to leave the country on a certain date and pay a certain amount of money. Once the alien finally leaves the country and full payment of the money is received, the customs department will refund the money to the family. Failing to leave the country will cause the voluntary debenture to be forfeited to the immigration and customs.

An immigration judge and the immigration and customs enforcements will reach the amount for the bond depending on the history of the immigrant’s family in the states, employment and the criminal. The more of a flight risk the illegal immigrant is the higher the amount of bail will be requested. The money to be refunded after the conditions of the bail have been met could take time even up to two years. Posting the bail is very important to the detained person as they can find a lawyer to help with the case and they can also enjoy family.

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