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How Genetics Affects Addictions

There are many people who have to live fighting a form of addiction. After getting kids, their next worry shall be whether they also gave them the addiction. Here is more info on what an addiction would mean in a family.
Addictions, it is sad to learn, are genetic. When kids whose parents were addicted in their time get to their teenage years, they are more susceptible to fall into some form of addiction. This addiction can be attributed to genetics and behavior. we can therefore see that behavior is the other factor as crucial as genetics. The choice of behavior you have, as well as those of your kids, will determine whether they will become addicts as well. In all things, you will find your kids aping your behavior.
As humans, we have in each of us the same DNA, up to 99.9% of it. We have all our differences to lay on the remaining 0.1% That similarity means that even family members share more than we can scientifically calculate. This shows you how some families have a certain disease affecting them, addictions being one of those. Therefore, having an addiction shod cause you to worry about your child’s fate.
There is more to learn about how behavior leads to such addictions. Your behavior in front of your child goes deeper than is apparent. Those who use drugs or alcohol never miss some of it around them. This also places it near their kids. They shall, therefore, have an easier time getting to use it this way. You also have to think of how you expect the child of an addict to end up behaving. You cannot reasonably expect them to turn out the normal way, with an addiction being the easiest thing for them to adapt.
You can also get to appreciate the fact that an addiction shall have the kids always aware of what it means to family life. There are many kids of addicts who learn to loathe the habit, having missed out on so much growing up. This shall give them all the motivation they need to make sure that such a life is not what they end up giving their kids in future. You can make another positive contribution in their lives by making sure that this is not how history now repeats itself.
You can take some time to talk to them about drug and alcohol addiction, and even tell them some of the things you went through because of your addiction. This is how they shall see the beginning of such a terrible thing in someone’s life. We can see the danger the child is already in, but we can also see there is hope that they will not end up being as their fate wishes.
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